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If so you say… *gives him an embarrassed smile, observing how the faerie heard with interest and how his cheeks reddened at the matter of the clothes. Ludwig chuckles, averting his eyes.* You’re just too sweet. Cooking is… just a hobby of mine. I’ve never actually tried to make clothes, but… I’ll try my hardest. Did you ever use… anything? I could try making something like that… *grumbles, thinking about what material to use, then averts his eyes back to the little one, brows furrowing* I see… I’m glad… *clears his throat, daring caress that little cheek softly. He was so small, Ludwig was afraid to break him at the smallest touch.* You’ll be fine here. I promise. *blinks at him, cheeks flaming red at the comment* You…? But… *stammers, fidgeting a bit* Well, I’m… glad you trust me so easily. Ah, of course, h-here. *takes a cookie, crumbling it to bits the fae could eat* So, um… don’t you have a family? For how long have you been around here? 

*opens more his eyes, shaking his little head at his question about the dress* Nope! we, fairy, usually goes around naked! You know .. it’s more easy for us to fly without nothing on! *then blushes a bit* b-but … now I prefer .. something like you … A small … how it called that thing you have over your chest? *looks curious at the sweater of the blond man* well … a thing like that .. would be cool .. ! *makes another bigger smile like a sort of implicit “thank you”. His eyes suddenly sparks when sees the blond man giving him a small piece of cookie* thank you! *bites it, with pleasure face. The piece was perfect for him, for his small hand and his small mouth and he couldn’t not appreciate how much care the man was using with him* I don’t usually trust people easily. Really .. *just another bites* .. Just you ..! *smiles like he had said the most natural thing of the word. He couldn’t explain why, because these feelings were new to him, but the kindess of that man, a very handsome man, was able to warm up his heart … Looks up at him at his other questions* ah … well .. I guess we fae had a different concept of family ..? I had a big family .. I mean .. we live in a sort of group even if sometimes some fae likes goes away for a period of time … like me .. *makes a smile looking at him* … I mean .. I was used to lived a bit more far .. very deep inside a forest not so distant from here .. but I wanted to see something more .. and I moved in this forest .. *thinks a bit* … well not so much time ago. And then I saw your house and … you delicious vegetables .. .and … you know the rest ..! *makes another warm smile, walking near his foot* .. Ludwig .. do you want to take me over your thigh and … tell me about you too? I would fly there by my own but .. my wings … you know … *blinks sweetly: he liked that man. Even if he always heard that men were all bad .. he couldn’t be bad at all … his blue eyes were too beautiful for belonging to a nasty man … *


… Really? *smiles back, feeling his heart skip a beat upon seeing that tiny face illuminated with a smile. He was so, so very glad the other hadn’t completely panicked around him.* Feliciano. *It was a bit of a mouthful, and the accent was quite different. It didn’t sound gracious when coming out of his own mouth - not that he expected it to. He liked saying it, though, he noted.* I’m afraid you’ll have to teach me how to say it… *raises brows, stomach fluttering at the compliment* Oh. That. I don’t mind it, I just wanted to know what had done it. *gives him a reassuring smile* Oh. Khm. That… would be preferred, yes. If you’ll let me, I’ll try making you some… *looks up, thinking already about how to do it, but a soft tickle makes him look down* …! *blinks in surprise, breath getting caught on his throat. He looks away, face growing increasingly warm. Feliciano was that easy to trust? Or perhaps he had a good sense of when people have good intentions or not…?* Thank you… Did you ever see another human, thought? I’m not the best example out there. *chuckles softly, raising his hand hesitantly, touching the auburn hair softly* Of course. It’ll be a pleasure to have your company. *Says the words a little hushed, a little shy, but he did mean it. Feliciano seemed like such a sweet little guy.*

*blushes at the observation about his name, widening his eyes for the sweetness of the blond: surely his voice was a bit “harsh” but he liked how the blond was pronuncing his name* A-ah! that’s fine! *smiles at him* I like .. how my name sounds over your lips .. ! *the smiles of the blond about the vegetables he ate, reassured him even more about his kindness and about the fact he could really trust him. Giggles, blushing a bit when he talks about the clothes: probably he had guessed right. It wasn’t a good thing, in human world, go around naked … * Yeah … t-thank you .. *nods, looking down at his naked body* … if you make clothes exactly like you cook … I bet you’ll be able to make wonderful clothes! *but his smiles suddenly dies when the blond asks him about other humans, feeling, in meanwhile, a weird but pleasured feeling at his touch on his head* I … saw other humans … *nods looking up at him* b-but not close as much as I saw you … but … but they didn’t look kind as much as you … some of them .. some of them probabily belived in fairy tales and … searches for … me and .. I was worried … maybe some of them have also seen me … I .. I don’t know .. but they never reached me .. *makes a smiles* well .. no one except you .. *rubs again his cheek on his finger that was big as much as his head* t-that’s why .. I was … worried but .. you know? I observed you everytime I went to eat your vegetables and … you looked so different from other humans! So .. *grabs his finger with both his hands* .. I’m sure you’re the best exemple out there .. ! *looks then around, feeling suddenly hungry* ehm … could I have a piece of these delicious cookies? *scratches his head looking up at him*


*sights softly, silently, as he sees the fae drying his tears. Okay, maybe he was doing well.*  W-well, yes… Why wouldn’t I? *looks to the sides, trying to find a beter answer. Well - why did he want to help him, after all? Because he was a beautiful, person, thing, uh, creature. But he wouldn’t say that, of course.* You… a-ah, I’m… I’m so sorry. I’ll… make it up for you, if you let me. *furrows his brows, cheeks pinking in shame. Perhaps approaching him the day before was a terrible idea, in the end.* Well, you see, if I wanted to kill you, wouldn’t I have done it already? *clears his throat awkwardly and offers the smaller a soft smile* I thought faeries were… fairy tale, in lack of a better therm. Why would I want to hurt something as beautiful as you? *murmurs quietly and coughs into his hand, resting his back against the bed, then looking up at the fairy at the question* A-ah. Ludwig. Yours? If you… want to tell me, that is, of course. *notices the other pulling the blanket and quickly gets red again; he did not notice he wasn’t clothed up until now…* A-aren’t you cold? I mean… out there? Often?

*makes a little smile, blushing a bit when the blond talks about fairytales and how much he was “beautiful”. He had never thought to be “beautiful” at all. But probabily the fact he was a fae was helping him to look so .. “different” and “beautiful” in someway for that human. That was, instead, very very handsome* L-Ludwig .. ? I like your name … Ludwig .. ! *smiles when he hears his name: that was a prouve he could trust on him and probabily he really just want help him* I’m Feliciano .. and .. I’m sorry for … for stealing from your garden so many vegetables in the last time… *stratches his head, blushing a bit* it’s just .. w-well … in the forest it’s difficult to find such delicious food .. ! *giggles a bit, looking down on the blanket* a-ah w-well .. surely here, inside this room, is .. more warm .. and confortable then in a forest .. b-but .. but you wear that clothes s-so .. maybe .. I should do the same .. ? *blinks two-three times: he really didn’t know how to behave around humans. He just knew that humans make delicious food!. Smiles, walking slowly near to him and rubbing his face on his leg* .. your eyes are kind, Ludwig … kind and beutiful! I feel like … I can trust you .. *makes a sweet smile, looking up at him, at that blond giant with those beautiful blue eyes* wanna be my friend, Ludwig?


*blinks eyes a few times, surprised when he sees the fae’s eyelids flutter shyly and open slowly. Ludwig couldn’t help but feel himself melt under his gaze, made of deep chocolate colour. He moved his hand away, afraid to scare the little one, but that’s just what happened - as if awaking from a trance, looking in all directions, not wasting a second on that before trying to run away.* I’m not… I’m not gonna kill you! Please stop moving, you’ll hurt yourself even worse…! Please believe me. I-I made you food, see…! *puts the bowl near him, backing away and rising his hands shyly* I didn’t mean to scare you, I just found you wounded on the forest… *sighs, looking down. He should’ve known better than to just bring the faerie inside- He pitied the faerie for having so little luck. Of all the humans that could’ve found the little creature, it had to be just him, probably the most scary around. The German could just see it on his terrified face. He dropped his gaze to the ground, lowering his tone of voice* I completely understand if you’d like to leave. I just… Are you sure you’ll be alright…? *rises his eyes for a moment, looking at the shaky figure on the ground, furrowing his brows with worry*

*stares that gigant human in front of him. Listen his words and his voice … his voice sounded … kind. Even his blue eyes weren’t cold or hostile but … kind too. Even, maybe, a bit .. shy .. suprised. Maybe he really could trust on him? Well .. “trust” is a big word for the moment. But maybe he could stop to cry. Wipes his tears away with a hand, looking towards the cookies: he already smell them and he really wanted to taste them, even because he was very hungry too .. but … * Y-you .. wanna help me .. ? *this was the part he still didn’t understood. Why that blond human wanted to help him? * .. why? *looks curious at him, serious: well he also said that he could go out, if he wanted. So … probabily he could trust a bit. But he couldn’t go out because his wing was still hurting a lot and he couldn’t fly* I .. can’t fly .. because … because I hurt my wing trying to escape .. from you .. *look up again to him, sitting then near the fireplace again, on the blanket where he was sleeping just some moment ago* … do you know what I am .. right? And .. you’re fine with that .. ? *tries to make a little, still worried, smile, backing in a worried state just after some moment* c-can I ask .. you name .. human .. ? *with a small part of the blacket tries to hide his body*


*raises his eyebrows high, his mouth hanging open. The German swept his eyes quickly over the tiny body, the tips of the wings, quickly focusing on the face again, soft-looking dark hair framing the fae’s face. It was a ‘he’, apparently, and Ludwig could easily say he was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Little doe eyes looked up at him, seeming surprised, then afraid.* Did it just talk…? N-no, wait! Don’t fly away…! *runs out of the house as quickly as he could, but he was too slow, and by the time he got to the fence the fae was nowhere to be seen. It was no use trying to find him in the woods, not to mention dangerous. Sulking, the blond dragged his feet back to his house, his room, his bed. He sat there at the edge, the little fae’s face still behind his eyelids. 


*snaps his eyes open when the clock rings* Huh… When did I sleep? The fae… Was it a dream? *furrows his eyebrows* But I saw him. I saw him on the porch, then at the window… *walks to the kitchen, face paling with confusion.* Was the whole day a dream? …If it worked once, it’ll work twice. *starts preparing the dough for some cookies, which left the sweetest aroma lingering around the house as time went on.  Ludwig waits and waits, nibbles on some cookies, places one on the window, then a plate full of them - and nothing.*

But I was so sure… *mumbles, stepping out on the porch and looking around. His head was too full to do his chores; he just needed to find the little wonder again. He ventured into the wood and, having no name to call, he kept quiet, eyes sharp, and he must’ve have wandered for a handful of hours before a colour caught his eye* … *approaches cautiously, crouching next to the curled up fae. He looked pale and his expression was marred with pain. Ludwig’s chest clenched painfully, daring touch the little body just enough to turn him on the side to try and figure if he had injured something. The German’s throat closed up as he realized the wing was bent painfully.* I hope it didn’t fall… *takes  a deep breath and moves to pick the little body in his palm as gently as he could. He just stood there for a moment with disbelief, feeling skin soft as a petal against his rough hands, and then panic hit him. He held the winged being close to his chest, afraid to drop him, but moving fast through the trees.

*In no time he was back, placing the fae atop his bed. He had fixed several things, including bird’s broken wings and pet’s broken legs, but honestly, now that he thought about it, he had no idea what to do to a wing as thin as a butterfly’s. So he decided to wait. Bringing a bowl of freshly baked cookies from the kitchen, the German sat on the ground and covered the other’s little body with the edge of the covers. He eventually couldn’t help it and moved to pet that silky auburn hair with a finger in a childlike manner.* It’s so beautiful, I cannot believe my eyes…

*It was hurting. It was hurting a lot. Especially he was unable to move the right wing. He just hoped it wasn’t broken: he needed of his wings … he couldn’t live without it! But, luckily, or .. better … unluckily from a certain point of view, the human didn’t reach him. He couldn’t ear any noises and the wood was the usual, calm wood as always* … I … d-don’t know what .. to think .. about tonight … *his mind was full of different thoughts: part of him was very happy and glad to have seen that human so close … his eyes were even more beautiful ..! But at the same time, now that human knew about him .. ! What if he said it to other people?? What if other people would have come inside the forest and … searching for him .. and maybe .. kill him .. ? Shaked his head … no .. that man looked … nice .. kind .. even .. shy … Yeah. He couldn’t hurt him and couldn’t find him anymore. So better to sleep. Maybe the day after his wing would had feel better ..
Instead he had a lot of trouble to fall asleep. He also tried to bent with a particular plant, his wing but without result. It was hurting and he couldn’t find a very comfortable place, so when he feel asleep, he already knew that he probabily would have slept more time then usual in the morning …

*He could feeling a weird unusual warm on his body. He was sleeping … incredibly well and relaxed. Different from the cold night inside the forest. It was a pleasuring feeling. And also .. it was like something of soft was on his body and …. something of incredibly delicate was touching his hair … oh surely he was dreaming … yeah .. he surely was dreaming that beautiful blond man he had seen the day before .. It was like he was seeing him … yeah .. he was always smiling opening his eyes because like a vision .. that blond man was just in front of him …
Suddenly widens his eyes because .. because he wasn’t dreaming … that blond human was REALLY in front of him! And he was inside his home! With the fireplace and the cover and .. even some cookies … He looked at him scaried: he didn’t know what to do ..! He just had need to run away .. ! When he tried to fly, he just remembered about his wing .. and it was still hurting a lot .. ! Stand up and tries to run towards the windows but fall down* … D-DON’T KILL ME … D-DON’T KILL ME .. *he could feel tears inside his eyes, and his heart that was beating so fast and his infinite fear .. and that human who’s looking at him so curiously* P-PLEASE .. d-don’t kill me ..


*Raises head suddenly when he hears a rattling noise, then a little sound that tickled his ear; The blond rubs his eyes, trying to adjust them to the darkness. (If he was gonna wait, he might as well not be seen, but verdammt, he ended up falling asleep.) He looked at the slice of cake he left by the window, blue eyes widening in incredulity. He opened his mouth, but quickly shut it again, his eyes set on the most delicate thing he’d ever seen. He could see its contour because of the moon shining through the window, thin wings practically glowing as they reflected it, little hands taking crumbs off the cake to eat it. Ludwig felt the need to get closer and take a better look, but would it be wise? What if it flew away? What if it was just an illusion - a dream? In that case, he really felt like he’d regret not taking a better look. Trying to make as little noise as possible, the German got up, taking a cherry from the fruit bowl; with soft steps he approached, leaning just enough so that the little fae could notice him. Unable to form coherent words, as surprised as he was, he just extended his arm, placing it atop the cake as to make the puny being turn around* 

.. just another bite … *whispers, biting another piece of that delicious food* .. another one and I’ll come back to the forest … *suddenly moves his long ears: noises. He could feel clearly some noises. Instinctively looks towards the forest (that handsome human, after all was sleeping. He was observing him, between the small bites to the cake) but that big red fruit just in front of him, makes him understand that he was wrong* w-what .. ? *widens his eyes at the vision of those incredibly clear blue eyes so, so close to him. Damnit! The first thing he thought was “he’s also more muscly and handsome … !” and the second thing was “he saw me! They always said me to stay away from humans! That humans can be cruel and they could kill us .. ! I’m such a stupid .. !” ..* S-Sorry .. *stutters, easily rising in flight with his little wings,  looking at him for a last time and flying aways, fast as much as he could, following the light of the moon inside the forest* … he looks nice b-but he’s a human .. I have .. I have to run away .. *his sight was pretty good but surely the darkness inside the woods wasn’t helping him* AH! *makes a sufferent expression when feels his wings hit a bough of a tree, falling on the ground* .. it … hurts .. *tries to touches his wings* I .. I can’t fly in this way … *drags himself near a tree, hoping that the human wasn’t close to him*


*looks around the completely deserted garden* But what could have such a small bite…? The birds would peck the fruit, that’s understandable, but vegetables? *strokes his chin* Maybe a hare… Guess I should see if there’s any around. *starts walking towards the fence, startled when he hears a flutter* Huh? What’s that? *squints, seeing a little sparkle of colour which was quickly flying away. An insect? Couldn’t be, it was too big to be one…* My eyes must be deceiving me…! *raises his brows and starts running after the, what, fairy? All the years being alone must’ve finally reached him, he was certainly going insane. The German ran through bushes and trees, but the more he advanced in the forest, the less he could see* Oh, no, I lost it… Well, if it’s been eating my food all these days, it will come back… I suppose… *sighs, walking back to the house* Or I might as well be seeing things… *throws his jacket on the sofa, rubbing his face* I can’t believe I’m going to do this. *opens the cupboards, taking ingredients* I- I hope it likes cake. I was going to bake this cake for myself. There’s nothing silly about baking a cake and leaving a piece outside, of course there’s not… 

.. he’s .. gone .. ? *flies looking behind a tree the high man walking back at home* .. he .. he saw me ..? *put a hand on his earth feeling the same beating fast … and he didn’t know if he was beating so fast for the fast run or because he had almost met him … * … I hope not … even if .. *shakes his little head, trying to not think about that man anymore, because it was terrible wrong* a-ah well .. better go to take a nap .. *flies around some trees and then under a little blush, closing his eyes, smiling at the thought of what happened during the day*
mmmn … *opens slowly his eyes, it was almost the sunset. Surely he had slept for some hours. And … he was hungry again* .. my tummy is asking for food .. ! *laughs a bit. Well .. maybe he could go again at the garden of the blond human. it wouldn’t be bad to see him again … even if maybe he was sleeping now. So he could eat without any fear of being seen. Flies fast though the trees, towards that house he knows so well* .. here again .. ! *smiles when sees the well-known house and garden in front of him, flying over his favourite fruit for eating it* mmn .. ? *moves his nose on the air, smelling a delicious fragance. Looks on the windows and sees a delicious piece of a beautiful cake over a plate* it … looks delicious … *looks around him and then flies over the window, smelling again the cake* … j-just a little bit … i-if he put .. it outside .. it does mean … he doesn’t want it .. right? s-so .. there’s nothing wrong .. i-if I give a little bit .. r-right? *he didn’t want to do anything wrong … and he didn’t want to cause more trouble at that handsome man .. but he couldn’t resist to the cake. Gives a little bite to that enormous cake* it’s … the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten … ! *licks his lips, giving another bite* I … I have to hurry up b-but… this food is … so good .. *he was like inebriate by that food*


Oh no. Not again! *The blond frowns as he inspects his freshly picked fruit and vegetables. There were tiny bites over some of them. A couple of his tomatoes’ skins were ripped and bits removed from them. And the fruit - the fruit were the most damaged…* Verdammt. I inspect these day and night, how does this happen? There are no animals around, I put the fences so carefully! *sighs deeply, placing it all aside* Well, if one somehow got here, the only way to bring it back to the forest is to catch it. *puts on his jacket, going to the front porch* Time to put an end to this, I guess… 

uh … ? *his long ears moves a bit at the sound of the door slamming. With a fast and light movement flies through the tidy garden, hiding his little body under an old tree near the boundaries of the same garden* wow … *it was the word that he was used to see everytime the owner of the garden went out his house. He already had seen some human in the past, even if not so closer. But this man was the most beautiful thing he had never seen. Probabily the reason was that golden hair that was shining under the sun. Or maybe that eyes of the same color of the sky. Or at least he thought that because he had never seen him so close. There was something of .. special in that man. Maybe his always frown face … that was incredibly cute. Or maybe because his body looked even bigger then usual human body … he would have liked to meet him. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t because he was a little fairy. And fairy aren’t supposed to meet human. That’s was the main reason because he was used to go into that garden. Sure, the fruits and the vegetables were delicious … but he couldn’t contain a smile everytime that man left the house* .. he … he .. looks more angry .. then usual .. *maybe, this time, he really ate .. too much fruits .. ? Opens his eyes more when .. when sees that man walks towards the forest. Oh damn! Maybe … he saw him? Maybe … he wanted to … kill him? He … he surely deserved b-but … that man .. looked .. good .. and .. There was no time anymore to think! He started to fly as fast as possibile, inside that forest that he knows in every his point … That man … that man must not reach him! but .. but he started to feel tired .. he always was a bit lazy and he wasn’t used to fly so long and .. his little wings were hurting .. * I .. I need a place .. to hide .. *looks around and sees a sits at the feet of a tree, trying to breathe at a normal pace*