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Oh no. Not again! *The blond frowns as he inspects his freshly picked fruit and vegetables. There were tiny bites over some of them. A couple of his tomatoes’ skins were ripped and bits removed from them. And the fruit - the fruit were the most damaged…* Verdammt. I inspect these day and night, how does this happen? There are no animals around, I put the fences so carefully! *sighs deeply, placing it all aside* Well, if one somehow got here, the only way to bring it back to the forest is to catch it. *puts on his jacket, going to the front porch* Time to put an end to this, I guess… 

uh … ? *his long ears moves a bit at the sound of the door slamming. With a fast and light movement flies through the tidy garden, hiding his little body under an old tree near the boundaries of the same garden* wow … *it was the word that he was used to see everytime the owner of the garden went out his house. He already had seen some human in the past, even if not so closer. But this man was the most beautiful thing he had never seen. Probabily the reason was that golden hair that was shining under the sun. Or maybe that eyes of the same color of the sky. Or at least he thought that because he had never seen him so close. There was something of .. special in that man. Maybe his always frown face … that was incredibly cute. Or maybe because his body looked even bigger then usual human body … he would have liked to meet him. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t because he was a little fairy. And fairy aren’t supposed to meet human. That’s was the main reason because he was used to go into that garden. Sure, the fruits and the vegetables were delicious … but he couldn’t contain a smile everytime that man left the house* .. he … he .. looks more angry .. then usual .. *maybe, this time, he really ate .. too much fruits .. ? Opens his eyes more when .. when sees that man walks towards the forest. Oh damn! Maybe … he saw him? Maybe … he wanted to … kill him? He … he surely deserved b-but … that man .. looked .. good .. and .. There was no time anymore to think! He started to fly as fast as possibile, inside that forest that he knows in every his point … That man … that man must not reach him! but .. but he started to feel tired .. he always was a bit lazy and he wasn’t used to fly so long and .. his little wings were hurting .. * I .. I need a place .. to hide .. *looks around and sees a sits at the feet of a tree, trying to breathe at a normal pace*